• Best Private Investigator in Oklahoma City 2016

    I found this out unexpectedly from an open source intelligence alert that we were named a best private investigator in Oklahoma City. This award was bestowed upon us by expertise.com. You can view the actual listing here: Best Private Investigators In Oklahoma City. 2016 was a busy year here at 1 to 1 Risk Control & Investigations, and we strived to provide a professional work product for our clients.

    Looking back at 2016 I feel fortunate that Oklahoma didn’t have it’s share of drama as many of the other states had with politics, violence, and all that goes with that. Yes, Oklahoma is a good place to be and a good place to work. We made a a lot of good relationships last year and helped a lot of people who in some cases couldn’t get help from other sources. We also opened up new areas of private investigations that include auto repair fraud, open source intelligence, and home safety preparedness.

    2017 will bring a lot of new services and offerings that we have been working on. Keep an eye out for our Open Source Intelligence courses that will be taught on location and will be beneficial for HR Professionals, corporate security, and recruiting processes. We will also continue to expand our tactical home safety preparedness consulting, and we are planning on offering tactical self defense consultations.

    Social Media is another area we are focusing on, specifically YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook. Look for more videos and watch for more tweets and FaceBook posts. We are always on the look out to provide more information, tips, and tricks for our social media followers. You can also post questions there for us to respond to, we don’t mind answering any private investigation questions you might have or need answers to.

    Thanks to everyone for your support and recommendations!