• Private Investigator Surveillance

    Private Investigator surveillance requires preparation, and the proper gear for the job. This isn’t an exhaustive list and I would consider this to be the basics. Conducting a successful surveillance as a private investigator in Oklahoma City requires more than a camera and a set of binoculars contrary to what you might see on television. I keep a gym bag and backpack in my vehicle at all times packed with a wide assortment of things that are useful while I’m on surveillance:

    Pretext: I need a good story for why I’m in the area just hanging out if I’m questioned by neighbors or the police. That can be anything from looking for a lost dog to I’m broke down and waiting on help.

    A good vehicle: it needs to be a neutral color and not stand out – that means no stickers, dents, or accessories.

    Pen, Paper and Pencil: I need this to take notes and draw diagrams.

    Camera: Preferably a digital SLR with a good long range lens so I can take photographs from a safe distance.

    Video recorder: Often surveillance requires that I take video of a cheating spouse of insurance fraudster.

    Digital recorder: to record conversations.

    Batteries: For the camera and video recorder and digital recorder.

    Chargers: For my cell phone and other electronics.

    Power inverter: For devices that require outlet power in order to recharge.

    Tripod, Bipod, or a walking stick: For the camera and video recorder.

    GPS: I need to know where I’m going. Some locations are hard to find.

    A good watch: I prefer Luminox for viewing in dark.

    Field Glasses: For long range viewing.

    Clothing: I sometimes need to change clothes while on foot following someone. A change of shirt, sun glasses or ball cap helps mix it up a bit.

    Food: I get hungry sitting in my car for hours waiting on the right moment to take pictures or video.

    Water: I get thirsty also.

    A sealed plastic container: For the inevitable after all that food and water. Most of the time there are no bathrooms nearby.

    Tracking device: This is used for mobile surveillance.

    Two way radios: To talk to your team members while on surveillance, especially mobile surveillance.

    Insect Repellent: Often I’m sitting in a field waiting and watching and it’s good to keep the flies, mosquitos and other insects away.

    Pepper Spray: Just in case there’s a mean dog that comes up in the field I’m set up in, or a bear. You never know!

    Night Vision: This comes in handy for late evening or night surveillance.

    12 volt car battery: just in case you run yours down. A jumper box works just as well.

    Scissors, wire cutters and a knife: All good to have when you are in a field, the woods or some other place where they might be needed.

    Paracord and a tarp: for making a rain shelter while out in the field.

    First aid kit: some area I got a treacherous – woods, mountains, fields etc.

    Blanket: It gets cold in Oklahoma and I can’t let the car run most of the time.

    Private Investigator Surveillance Expectations

    Contrary to what you see on television surveillance rarely goes as planned. Private Investigator surveillance in Oklahoma City are often hampered during surveillance by traffic, road construction, weather, speed limits, and school zones. Private Investigators often lose the person they are following within the first 5 minutes of the surveillance. Private Investigators in Edmond experience this even more. In Edmond there are a lot more traffic lights and it’s easy to catch a red light and lose your subject in traffic.

    When you hire a private investigator for surveillance be sure and prepare for these unexpected situations to occur. Mobile surveillance is a slow methodical process that usually returns bits and pieces of information at at time. It may take weeks of following someone to get the bigger picture and the evidence you need.