• Auto Accident Fraud

    Auto accident fraud is becoming such a problem that many people are installing dash cams to help detect and prevent accident fraud. Analysts at the National Insurance Crime Bureau found that nearly 34 percent of 13,000 questionable insurance claims gathered for a report released in January 2013 were staged. The average pay out ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per accident per person in the car.

    There are four common scenarios the fraudsters tend to follow in order to make you a victim:

    The Swoop and Squat

    • You are driving a few lengths behind a car when, suddenly the driver slams on the brakes causing you to collide into the rear of his car. The driver often has passengers in the car

    The Drive-Down

    • When you are trying to merge into the left hand lane using your turn signal, the other driver may see you and back off to let you in, only to run into your car. They will then complain to the police that never used your turn signal prior to entering the lane. This scenario may also happen while you are backing out of a parking space – the drive may wave you out of the space and then run into you claiming that you backed into them.

    The T-Bone

    • After you arrive at a four way stop the driver of the car to your left or right will seem to wave your through. As you proceed into the intersection the other driver will proceed to run into you claiming you ran the stop sign.

    The Sideswipe

    • As you are approaching an intersection in which there are two lanes in which you can make a left-hand turn on an arrow. As you make the left-hand turn, the car next to you comes over to your lane and sideswipes you.

    Auto Accident Investigator

    If you suspect you are the victim of a staged automobile accident be sure and to get as much information from the other parties as possible. Take pictures of all the parties and cars involved and then take pictures of the area around the accident. If there are any witnesses be sure and get their contact information as well. The more information you obtain the better a private investigator will be able to prove you your case.