• Home Invasion Defense

    Home invasion defense, do you think about it? It’s your worst nightmare, it’s the middle of the night and someone is in your home, what are you going to do? My seminar on home invasion defense is geared towards group settings or one on one settings. the first step is to create multiple layers of defense so that it makes a home intrusion more difficult and not worth it for the intruder.

    The target audience for this seminar is:

    • Homeowners concerned with their safety
    • People with high value target items
    • Victims of domestic violence
    • Victims of stalking
    • Victims of harassment

    In this seminar I’ll cover the various levels of alertness to help make you more aware of your surroundings as well as:

    • Home assessment
    • Devising a defense plan
    • Dealing with intruders
    • Post intrusion
    • Post intrusion postmortem

    I’m available to present this seminar in group settings or one on one settings, whichever your need may be. I also can perform and on site assessment with you where we go through your home together and look at the various ways to make it more intruder resistant. In this assessment we’ll take a look at blind spots, choke points, alarm systems, safe rooms, and how to develop a plan of action should an intruder make entry. This assessment isn’t one size fits all and each case is treated differently. Home defense plans are dictated by your personal level of need weighed against the threats around you.

    My goal is to get you thinking about home invasion defense preparedness and how to take steps to prevent it. I chose the topics in such away that it should get you thinking about the various scenarios in your daily routine and what you might be doing to make yourself more of a target for an intruder and how to reduce that risk.