• Identity Theft Assessments

  • Identity Theft

    You are at risk for identity theft, if you are not taking precautions to prevent it. These are the types of identity theft crimes we are seeing more of in 2017:

    • Wire Transfer Fraud
    • Check Fraud
    • Credit Card Fraud
    • Medical Insurance Fraud
    • Rent and Utilities Fraud

    Did you know you can reduce your chances of having your identity stolen by more than 50%? That’s right, by taking certain precautions and following identity theft reducing procedures you can make yourself less of a target for someone to steal your identity and hard earned money and credit. As a trained private investigator I can assess your risk for identity theft and advise you on how to prevent it, and determine if you might have already been exposed, or are a target.

    Identity Theft is costly to clean up, on the average you can plan on spending 90 days and in excess of $5,700 cleaning the mess of a stolen identity. Identity thieves are getting access to your information in ways you might not even considered. Did you know that if you are using your Internet providers wireless router with their settings, it’s just as bad as leaving your front door open while you are not home? Even worse, you might not know they are even in your computer stealing your information. A router and wireless router needs to be secured correctly and a firewall needs to be added to ensure your data and computer are safe from identity thieves. We can correct this often overlooked security hole for you.

    Identity Theft Prevention Package

    We offer an identity theft prevention package to help keep you safe from identity thieves. This package includes:

    • Identity Theft assessments
    • Is it legit services
    • Training on how to spot identity theft attempts

    Our identity theft assessment is a complete assessment of your home and office where we point out your risks for having your identity stolen, and how to prevent it from happening.

    The is it legit service provides you with a private investigator you can contact and ask for guidance on things you are not sure are legitimate or not. This can include emails, regular mail, telemarketing calls, job offers, and unknown and unexpected bills and demands for payment. This service is also upgradable to investigation legitimate bills for hidden costs, price gouging, and over charging. This can include medical bills, home repairs, car repairs, and insurance claims. As a licensed private investigator in Oklahoma City I have the contacts and the resources to detect and expose fraud in many different ways.

    Contact Joe Sullivan today to discuss your risk for having your identity stolen at 405-796-6548