• Improvised Weapons

    Improvised weapons in today’s world is a thought that doesn’t cross most people’s mind. Let’s face it, it’s not always practical to hire a bodyguard and there are areas where you can’t carry legally. It’s these situations you should be thinking about for times when you have to travel or attend an event unarmed, and by unarmed I mean without a handgun, knife, or other deadly weapon.

    Before we get into looking at some improvised weapons you should always size up the area where you’re at:

    • Where are the exits?
    • Which way will trouble most likely come from?
    • Where is good concealment and good cover?
    • Do I feel safe here?
    • What around me can be used as a weapon?
    • What will do if I’m trapped here for an extended period of time?

    Let’s take a look at some improvised weapons you can use in most situations:

    The Walking Stick

    When you see someone with a walking stick, or cane you don’t think too much about it, especially in rural areas. A walking stick can be used in self defense situations for blocking, striking, choking, poking, crushing, and with advanced techniques, joint locks. The most popular approach is to swing it like a baseball bat. You should pick your targets in self defense situations carefully and not just swing wildly. If the assailant has a knife, aim for his hands and try to knock then knife out of his hands, or damage their hands enough to where they are unable to handle the knife. If the assailant is a tall person, aim for their knees and shins then follow up to the head area. Think about different scenarios and attacker types and plan your strategy ahead of time. What will you do if you’re on ice? What if you are in a cramped area? What if you are in a parking lot? There’s no limit to the time and places you might be targeted by an attacker.

    Belt Strikes

    Most people wear a belt, but don’t consider it a self defense weapon if needed. First make sure your pants actually stay up when you remove your belt, trying to fight with your pants around your ankles is a challenge don’t you think? (Pro Tip: When using the restroom in an public setting it’s a good strategy to remove one leg from your pants when sitting on the toilet. This allows you mobility for defense and not being hobbled. Your welcome)

    the belt can be used by wrapping it around your hand a few times leaving a few inches loose with on the buckle end. The belt can now be swung like a mace hitting your assailant. Again, pick your targets in accordance to what the situation dictates. The belt can also be stretched between your two hands and used for blocking, deflecting and choking.

    Desktop Items

    Look on any desktop or desk drawer and you will most likely find pens, pencils, and scissors. Any of these can be used to penetrate soft targets such as they eyes, throat, neck, and ears. Keys are also a good improvised weapon. A key ring with a few keys on it can be held with a few keys between your fingers after making a fist and used for slashing, scraping and stabbing at soft targets.


    What kind of socks are you wearing, are they the low ankle socks or the over the calf socks? If it’s the latter you are in business. Socks can be used as a weapon by removing them and inserting something inside them like rocks, key rings, beer bottles, silverware, ice cubes, or just about anything hard and heavy enough to use to hit your attacker with. Simply insert the object into the sock and swing the sock allowing the object to gain momentum and hit your attacker… repeat as many times as necessary.

    The key to using and defending yourself successfully with improvised weapons is to be alert and plan ahead. Always be thinking ahead on how you will defend yourself, what kind of environment will you be in and what is your escape plan. There’s no shame in escaping first if the situation allows it.