• Instagram Millionaires

    Instagram Millionaires aren’t always what they seem. If you spend any amount of time on Instagram you’ll likely be inundated by direct messages, likes, and follows by people claiming to be millionaires. The second most popular claim in Instagram is to be a Social Media expert that can make your business millions. First, there are a few people who have made millions on Instagram, fitness models immediately come to mind. The Instagram Millionaires I’m referring to have the following things in common:

    • They are between 16-30 years old
    • They post pictures of loads of cash spread out on beds and tables
    • They post pictures of themselves with expensive sports cars
    • They post pictures of their latest Rolex, or other luxury item
    • They claim to have the secret to making millions in a short time span
    • They want to sell you that secret
    • They are always listed as entrepreneurs

    With a little analysis you can expose the fraudulent Instagram Millionaires fairly quickly. First understand you can rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and a Rolex, so that’s not a good indication of wealth. Second, have you ever read some of the entrepreneurial magazines? Sure, there are stories that there are now more younger millionaires than ever, but pat attention to how the legitimate millionaires got there. They almost always:

    • Have a legitimate business
    • Have partners
    • Have investors
    • Didn’t do it over night
    • Aren’t trying to sell you the secret to getting rich

    Investigating Instagram Millionaires

    Let’s take a look at a case study of an alleged Instagram Millionaire that wanted to sell me the secret of getting rich in 6 months. They claim to have sold a product costing $19, and became a millionaire in a year. They also claimed to have produced, packed, and shipped this product. Let’s do some math:

    • Product: $19.00
    • Income: $1,000,000
    • Number of products to reach $1,000,000: 52,632
    • Time span: 365 days
    • Time to produce product: unknown
    • Time to pack and ship product: conservative estimate of 15 minutes per product
    • Total packing and shipping time: 789,480 minutes
    • 789,480 minutes is 13,158 hours
    • 113,158 hours is 548 24 hour days

    Do you see how this is not possible? This alleged Instagram Millionaire would have to work 548 days just packing and shipping alone to reach $1,000,000. That doesn’t include manufacturing, quality control, and taking the order. Claims like this are easy to dissect if you look at it logically and don’t get caught up in the emotion of the fast cars, cash on the beds, and pictures of world travels, Those Instagram profiles are crafted to play on your emotions and suck you into spending the money for their supposed secret.

    Entrepreneur Is The Best Lie Ever

    Claiming to be an entrepreneur and Instagram Millionaire is an an easy lie to fake. You simply claim to have your own business, attend some motivational conferences, and post pictures on Instagram with hashtags like: #work #hustle #grind, and things like that. Don’t get me wrong here, there are PLENTY of LEGITIMATE ENTREPRENEURS on Instagram, but you’ll notice they are’t usually out to sell you some magic secret to getting rich. The next easiest lie to fake on Instagram is Social Media Advertising Expert. Instagram is full of these alleged experts. If you need a social media expert choose someone locally that has a good reputation, and not someone you’ve never met online. Social Media advertising and search engine optimization are easy to fake and make some quick cash at. You want to get a contract that requires measurable results so you don’t get scammed. When in doubt you can always contact a private investigator and have them check into the person you are wanting to business with.