• Internet Monitoring

    Internet monitoring today has legal challenges with privacy laws. There are some cases where evidence could be collected by installing software to capture screen shots, keystrokes, and web site history. The issue today is that you might accidentally violate privacy laws. Some of the cases in the past where this has provide useful is:

    • Infidelity Cases
    • Identity Theft
    • Embezzlement
    • Online Gambling
    • Pornography
    • Drugs
    • Run Aways

    If you install internet monitoring software on a computer or mobile device where the user has a reasonable expectation of privacy, you could find yourself in legal trouble. This could even happen in your home or business where you own the computer. There are other considerations such as when a minor is using the computer also.

    Internet Monitoring Alternatives

    After considering all the issues with violating privacy laws we arrived at a solution that captures all Internet traffic, web sites visited, times and dates, and can be printed out in a detailed report without installing monitoring software on the device. The way we do this is install a firewall between the Internet connection and the device, such as a computer or smart phone.

     The firewall can replace your existing wired or wireless router or can be used in addition to your wired or wireless router. The firewall is also compatible with Cox and Uverse, two of the more popular Internet services in the Oklahoma City area. The firewall doesn’t take up much space and can be configure with the same SSID and password of your existing equipment.

    Firewall Advantages

    The advantage of using our firewall solution for Internet monitoring are:

    • No need to install software on the device
    • Is a legal network security device
    • Provides extensive logs
    • Shows websites visited with time and dates
    • Shows device used
    • Can block undesired sites
    • Can restrict time and duration of internet use
    • Can protect you from malware
    • Can protect you from ransomware
    • Can block ads
    • Can keep your children off undesirable sites
    • Protections and features continuously updated and improved
    • Affordable
    • Keeps you out of legal trouble

    Internet Monitoring Investigations

    We have over 17 years of network security and Internet investigation experience at your disposal. If you would like to learn more about your Internet monitoring options, please feel free to give us a call. All initial consultations are provided at no charge. Contact Joe Sullivan at 405-796-6548.


    I just read your article at the URL below, and I wanted to know what you were using as the firewall for a home? you, David D.

    I use a Check Point firewall, model 4800. It's overkill for home use for most people. Check Point also makes consumer grade firewalls in the 500-750 range.