• Oklahoma City Crime AreasOklahoma City isn’t a bad city, but it still has areas you should avoid if possible due to crime rate, gang activity, prostitution, and violence in general. I moved here from Houston Texas back in 1992 and I’ve witnessed some areas spiral into chaos while other areas have improved to social hotspots. Here are some areas from experience I try and avoid if possible:

    The North Highland Area: This is the area from West Britton Road to Wilshire Boulevard and from North Western to the Broadway Extension. I once had to track down a runaway in this area and it has an obvious gang feel to it due to the graffiti and activity taking place on the street corners. The vacant houses in this area are often taken over by drug users, drug dealers, and prostitutes.

    Wildewood, South Park Estates, and Briarwood Circle: These neighborhoods are all west of Remington Park, The Oklahoma City Zoo, and the Science Museum. Heading south on Martin Luther King Boulevard from I-44 these areas will be on your right. This area is known for drug use and violence. This areas was recently blighted by the Oklahoma City Council and they are working to improve it.

    The Woodward Avenue area: Woodward Avenue is in Southwest Oklahoma City and runs from SW 29th to Nw 39th. This area is known for drug use, squatters, human trafficking and gang activity.

    Meridian and I-40: This is a high prostitution area. Prostitutes and escorts both gravitate to this area which has heavily populated with cheap hotels and motels. Most of these meetings are set up on Backpages and Craigslist. This is also the first area private investigators look for runaways and human trafficking victims. Here’s a review of Motel 6 in that area reinforcing this:

    “Our room smelled horrible and the carpet was wet. People were loitering all over the property and a woman with no pants or panties was dancing in the parking lot, turns out she lives at the motel and security just sent her to her room instead of removing her from the property. Obvious prostitution going on. Noisy and dirty. We requested a refund and went elsewhere”.

    Massage Parlors: There are quite a few ‘massage parlors’ in Oklahoma City, and at first glance they look innocent enough. The truth is a lot of these are cover for prostitution, even in upscale Edmond, Oklahoma. Back in May 2015 two women were arrested for running a high end brothel from a massage parlor right across from Rose Creek golf course.

    SW 43rd and S. Robinson Ave: This is a very high prostitution area and should be avoided. This is also the area where the famous video vigilante outs Johns that pick up prostitutes in this area. There have been both prostitutes and pimps murdered in this area.

    Midwest City: This is a suburb of Oklahoma City. When I first moved to Oklahoma City in 1992 I got a job working at Heritage Park Mall in Midwest City. The mall was nice back then and It had a suburban American feel to it, was well as the surrounding neighborhood. Today Heritage Park Mall is abandoned, doors chained shut, roof collapsing, and damaged from a fire some years ago. In 2014 Midwest City was named one of America’s most dangerous suburbs. Del City which is in the same area is even worse in my opinion.

    Crossroads Mall: This is an high crime and gang area. The infamous shooting that happened in 2006 was but a climax to some pretty serious crime issues in that part of town. To the west of the mall lies an area that was home to a pretty open and tense 5 year gang war between some Latino gangs (you can watch the episode of “Gangland” on the south side locos that will explain it pretty well). The anchor stores left the mall and then it slowly dwindled down into what could best be described as a covered flea market.
    Valley Brook: This is a well known strip club area and DUI trap. This area is known for prostitution and corruption. There have been many raids over the years at the strip clubs in Valley Brook for lewd acts, drugs, and illegal alcohol sales.


    I'm going to be traveling to OKC next summer and have been reading up on areas to avoid. Any possibility this article will be updated? For instance Crossroads Mall is now permanently closed. Any other updated info would be helpful.Thanks very much.

    I am a 69 year old veterans spouce and my husband died this past dec and I had to come here to ok to stay with my son due to losing my home and most of everything we owned.I have a question rather than a comment,could you please provide me with the safest area of ok city for me to get a senior apt that I can afford.I am now living in the area of penn ave in NW city of ok,with my son.I cannot continue to live with him because of mom/son problems.I would appreciate any advise you can give me,thanks.