• Premarital Investigation or Prenuptial investigation is a type of background investigation you would want performed on a potential spouse. There are many reasons why you would want to verify information before getting married, that main reasons being personal safety, financial safety, and legal issues. An investigation like this is best performed by a private detective.

    Premarital Investigation Reports Can Include


    Background Check

    This will show previous addresses, phone numbers, relatives, associates, and employers. The criminal background check will also show previous convictions, incarceration, and if the person is a registered sex offender.

    Education History

    A Premarital investigation may include education history that shows where an individual attended college and the degrees they hold from that college.

    Professional Licenses and Certifications

    A Premarital Investigation that checks professional licenses and certifications can show if an individual is a licensed professional such as a doctor, lawyer, or pilot for example.

    Civil Suits

    Something to consider before you get married is if the person is a party to a civil suit. A civil suit judgment could cause unforeseen financial burden after you are married.

    Previous Marriages and Divorces

    This is an important part of a Premarital Investigation. You should always make sure they person you are marrying isn’t presently married to someone else. Their past marriages are worth looking into also, a string of divorces is a red flag that there are deeper issues with the person you are considering marrying.

    Bankruptcies and Garnishments

    A Premarital Investigation should include any bankruptcies and garnishments of the individual you might marry. Again, this goes back to financial issues. Once you marry a person you will be affected by their credit score and financial obligations.

    Children and Child Support

    Another area for a Premarital Investigation area is if an individual has children, pays child support, or owes back child support. Someone who doesn’t disclose they have children, or estranged children could be a red flag worth checking further into. If an individual owes back child support they might possibly have legal issues that will affect your marriage to that person.

    Social Media Activity

    Using Open Source Intelligence tools we can perform an extensive deep dive investigation into an individual's social media activity. This can reveal behaviors, places visited, associates, character, and other information that can dispute or verify claims made by the individual. Our tools can mine data from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, dating sites, and other social media sites.

    Medical and Mental Health

    This is an area you should consider if you haven’t, medical and mental health can affect a marriage in a negative way. In some of our premarital investigations we’ve uncovered substance abusers, individuals forced to undergo anger management, and other addictions that might adversely affect a relationship.

    Getting Started with a Premarital Investigation

    Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with a premarital investigation you should be prepared to provide me with as much information as possible about the individual. This includes information such as full name, past known addresses, driver's license and social security numbers if known, and any relatives names. You should also sit down and write out a timeline if events that include any information this person has shared with you such as schools attended and years, military experience, former employees, and former spouses.

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    I tell clients that you will never know what is in someone's history unless you actually look. For cost vs benefit, the cost is well worth it - I would say on the average we get about a 15 percent (maybe more) hit rate for "surprise" evidence, some of which having a significant or dramatic impact in the case.