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    As a private investigator in Oklahoma City I like to think I’m aware of the amount of crime that takes place in my city and state. Recently while assisting another Oklahoma City Private investigator on a homicide case I learned we have a problem with the Irish Mob and it’s getting worse. As you start researching crime around Oklahoma City in depth you’ll start to see a lot of the missing person cases are actually unsolved homicides, or suspected homicides that haven’t been proven yet. For example the case of Billy “Wild Bill” Lange, you can read more about his story at Oklahoma City Private Investigator Darcie Scoon's FaceBook page.

    Just how bad is the homicide problem in Oklahoma?

    Back in 2015 due to reports that the number of clandestine graves in Oklahoma were soaring, law enforcement decided to turn to technology for a solution. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) recently purchased Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology in their efforts to locate homicide victims. Shortly thereafter it was used to find Samantha Weaver, a mother of two children, was last seen in June of 2012. After years of following leads the investigation narrowed and officials began to focus on a property located on Rustic Oaks Drive just outside of Shawnee. See the YouTube video about how FINDAR works.

    Other unsolved homicide cases in Oklahoma include:

    Brittany Phillips, Tulsa, 2004

    Brittany, an 18-year-old college student, was found dead in her Tulsa apartment on September 30, 2004. She had been raped and strangled and was probably dead for a few days before her body was found. DNA found at the crime scene has not matched any of the suspects or any of the other 3,000 samples it has been tested against. Brittany's mother is still actively seeking justice for her daughter. She has driven hundreds of thousands of miles in her car that has been wrapped with photos of Brittany...hoping to bring awareness to this decade-long case.

    Lauria Bible and Ashey Freeman, Welch, 1999.

    No one knows for sure what happened to Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman on December 30, 1999. The girls were staying the night at the Freeman's mobile home when sometime during the early morning hours a fire erupted. Mrs. Freeman's body was found in the mobile home but Mr. Freeman and the 2 girls were not found. A day later, Mr. Freeman was found shot in the head. His wife had also been shot in the head prior to the fire. No trace of Lauria or Ashley has ever been found. A few men have "confessed" but the confessions were proven false. The case still remains unsolved.

    There are many other unsolved homicide cases in Oklahoma such as Molly Miller and Colt Haynes in Love County 

    Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Working Cold Cases

    I’m one of the many private investigators in Oklahoma City that work on missing person cases and cold cases. One of the cases I’m presently working on is finding Rashay Zoe Kelly who went missing from Colorado. Other Oklahoma City private investigators I work with are working missing person and cold cases for Billy Lange and Trang Tran:

    Billy Lange

    The Canadian County Sheriff's Office confirmed they are searching for 61-year-old Billy "Wild Bill" Lange. Lange was last seen March 3 at work in Hinton. His late model, gold Chevy S10 Blazer was found March 3 abandoned on Interstate 40 just west of the eastbound Calumet exit near mile marker 115. All of Lange's belongings were still inside the vehicle. Visit the Bring Billy Lange Home FaceBook Page for more information. 

    Trang Tran

    Trang Tran was last seen Saturday, April 5 when she went shopping with her mom; something they did every Saturday. “She told her mother that she have to meet someone at 5 p.m. and her mother said OK and that’s the last we heard of her,” Tran’s aunt, Myanh Samuels, said. The following Monday morning, Tran did not show up for work and her employer called police.

    “She apparently is known to show up very prompt. She’s always prompt to work. She never misses work and the co-worker became concerned when she hadn’t seen or heard from her,” Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department said. Tran’s case was originally assigned to missing persons, but has now been turned over to homicide.

    If you have information about any of these missing person cases please contact Private Investigator in Oklahoma City Joe Sullivan at 405-796-6548