• Computer Forensics

    Computer forensicsĀ can be the next best thing to a witness. Computer forensics can provide information that can be used in many private investigations such as infidelity, theft, fraud, and other crimes. Computer forensics are not limited to your home PC or the Windows operating system, I can get information from systems running Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, IOS, and Android. Here’s a overview as your private investigator what I can obtain for you that may help in your case.

    Computer Forensic Evidence

    Web History: I can determine which sites were visited, the date they were visited, and what images where viewed on the sites.

    Email: I can obtain evidence from emails and often even if they have been deleted. This includes sent, received, and all attachments.

    Password Protected Files: I use special software to crack password protected files to determine the contents of may popular documents and archive files.

    Images: I can search, index and recover images that are on the system, even if they were deleted.

    Computer Surveillance: I can capture web sites visited, email messages, usernames, passwords, instant messages and much more.

    Mobile Device Forensics: I can capture and recover images, emails, SMS messages, and phone numbers, voice mail, and call history.

    Encrypted Files: This is probably the more challenging and time consuming of the forensics process, but it can be done.

    Steganography: Often people will hide images within other images, I can determine if that’s happened and gain access to those images.

    Deleted Files: Often times I’m able to recover deleted files in many cases.

    That’s just a brief overview of what kind of information a private investigator can obtain using computer forensics. If you think a computer or mobile device may have been accessed or used in the case you want investigated, it’s important to let your private investigator know this.